Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Hello everyone..it just a snapshot by myhand that come from my eyes.I love this stuff..

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Awesome Outing

The photo that i'd stick here took during we all went to my friend engagement day.

1 Malaysia 1 Family!!

Fyda Esca Superb!!

Coming again..its ok bhakan..hehe..Again!Again with photography..this blog is about photography..i hope u all don't bored to view it..Actually,this photo was took at the same time with MeiLing photosession.Many of my friend having a photogenic person..I'm enjoy work with them..=)So,i stick here some of fyda photo..I hope she will remember it ever after...

PhotoMania With MeiLing

Hello there..
My photodrobe full with many potraiture..so,i'm glad to stick some of it here..ahaks..Having a photosession is a tired activity but make me enjoy..So,here...i want to share some of potraiture..she is my bestiee..during weekend..filling our time with this kind of thing..make us enjoy..so,when i remember again the moment with her..so funny..hehe..i'd become Mak Andam on that time.=)Make up and photography commonly like a bestfriend..hehe..ok guys that all..=)

Rose Is Romantic

Hii dear viewers..
Thanks for the coming..
I'm here again with a new photo..this photo very sweet for me..i love the colour and the natural from it.
This is a flower..that symbolic used to express the feeling of love towards their sweetheart.Hehe..So,here the photo i'll stick it..not too many..i just pick the one that i love and sweet to see..=)
I'd used Nikon D5100 to capture it..Enjoy yaa guys..


Hello Viewers..
I'm already update my site..Coz i'm  bored with  the old one.Hehe..So,everything that i'm going to share inside this blog just only about photography.I love camera and can't live without it.Everything around me just like draw attention to me to capture it.So,that my hobby..=)I'm loyal to use Nikon Dslr.Sometimes using the sony cybershot..Before i've got the Nikon,my loyal stuff is Sony Cybershot..Oh yaa..for u all,that have interesting in photography just keep it up yaa..whatever type of camera u use..you are a photographer..hehe..So,enjou yourself in this field.I'm pretty sure,u'll not stop when u get PhotoMania..=)

Before i'm start using dslr..this is the one stuff that i've learn many about  photography.
Even its function not so superb like the dslr..but it make me enjoy..=)

Finally,the one that i dream to get it along my life.My parents was give this stuff as a special gift during my  twenty-first birthday..hooray..hehe..Thanks mum and dad..